Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Huzzah Fall Followup

Remember that link I posted a few days ago? This is what came of it.

These are simple and quick to make, I'll probably do more, and some more halloweenish ones. Woo for cut paper.

I'm excited about Halloween. I hope that our new house gets a ton of trick or treaters. I want to decorate it a little bit and answer the door in a costume. Little kids had better step up and bring their A game costumes.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Wedding Cakes!

Instead of just having one giant wedding cake we asked friends and family to make cakes. They were all DELICIOUS, and I loved the way it turned out.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Getting excited for Baltimore

This weekend has been amazing. We're moving to Baltimore next Sat, and this weekend has done nothing but get me super excited about it.
Friday we went with Erin and Crystal to the fairy shop in Ellicott City (always a good time) and then to an amazing little vegetarian place in Baltimore(that was really GOOD).
After dinner we went to the Hippo's Alt Dance night that happens every first Friday. It seems like Baltimore has enough clubs and nights so that every "group" can have it's own place, and the Hippo was awesome. It's a gay club that's near Craig and Julie's house, and so much fun inside. It kind of looked like a little roller rink, and the lights that they had going with the music were amazing. Good times, yay dancing. Erin is a machine. The last hour or so of music was extra fantastic.

Saturday Darcy and I recovered from dancing until the club closed, it will be good to live real close to all of this, and went to fright fest at six flags to start to get into the Halloween spirit, it was fun, and not as scary as I was worried it would be. Totally not as scary as the ghost train.

Today (Sunday) we went with Erin and some of her friends to Sometimes Dining- every so often, there is a dining experience dinner party type thing at Ben and Heidi's (friends of Erins) house. You have to sign up super fast, and its only about 30 people. The food was incredible. It's a 5 course meal with appetizers and a cocktail hour. Everything is either made in house or gotten at local farmers markets. It was LOVELY. I am incredibly glad that we got to go.

Tomorrow I pack a lot more and keep trying to get it done soon soon soon.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Huzzah Fall

Today I am making these , packing, and making a pie. Tonight are adventures with Erin and Crystal.
Moving soon (yay) after that I think it might time for quilting at some point, though it's likely that will get pushed aside in favor of Christmas gifts.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

What else has been going on

So this happened

and then we went to Rome.

Dress up! wooo

Remember all those costumes I was making?

Yeah. Good times.

Ren Faire

Darcy and I went to the MD Ren fest, good times were had. We went with some of his friends from work, and the next weekend we went with Erin, Crystal, and Justin. It was a very fun time. I hope we get to go more next year.